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How To Secure Your Apartment In Greenwood

February 08, 2023
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Safety is a leading priority for all renters from new occupants to long-term Residents. Your apartment is your retreat, an area where you have the ability to feel shielded and relaxed. Sustaining that feeling is crucial to the welfare of your family or roommates and even your pets. Initiating good safety practices and making a couple upgrades to your residence will help keep you out of harm’s way. Just abide by these simple recommendations for securing your apartment in Greenwood.

Always Make Safety A Priority

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Your apartment complex already has a range of security devices established to help keep Residents away from harm, but you must use them appropriately! Make sure to close all entryways once you pass through them, specifically if it can only be operated with a passcode or key from a occupant, like a health center or swimming pool. If your property has door buzzers or keypads for entry, use them only for your own guests. Letting strangers in could cause a hazardous situation for you and your neighbors!

Speaking of your fellow occupants, they are important in securing your apartment in Greenwood. Become familiar with your neighbors and learn who lives in which unit. Knowing this helps you discern if any questionable outsiders are loitering about. Your neighbors could also be the ones who make a report should a situation take place. Ultimately, safety is everyone’s responsibility!

Components to Secure Your Apartment in Greenwood

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Security tools are key to keeping your place secure. Learn about some well-known and useful instruments and how to integrate them:

  1. Locks: Your doors and windows come with locks - use them! Intruders look for the quickest and simplest means of entry. Securing your windows and doors after dark and before you leave is many times all it takes to deter the novice thief.
  2. Sliding door bar: A sliding rear entry is often a one of the first places a prowler may check. Putting a security bar in the track to stop it from moving makes it virtually impossible for entry.
  3. Video cameras: Your apartment complex might have video surveillance put up to safeguard Residents, but incorporating your own is a good idea. Situate them near entrances like a back door or overlooking a main walkway in the space to keep a vigilant eye.
  4. Smart lighting: A simple trick for securing your apartment in Greenwood is to use lights that will make potential criminals suspect you’re home. Smart light bulbs that can be set to switch on at specific times or managed through an app on your phone are able to make it appear like occupants are home.
  5. Curtains: As basic as it sounds, minimizing sightlines into your apartment keeps prized possessions out of sight and keeps would-be thieves wondering if you’re at home.

Having Your Front Door Rekeyed Is A Smart Measure

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Before you pack all your furniture into the rental truck, it’s a good idea to find out if the main entry lock has been rekeyed. Asking about new locks is wise to ensure the previous tenant can’t get into your new place. In the event it has not been changed, this is a job the property team should handle for you.

Renters Insurance Is Smart To Have

Regardless of whether you follow all of these tips on how to secure your apartment in Greenwood, tenant insurance is still essential. Your insurer will back you up and help you replace damaged or stolen items should the unthinkable occur. Protect yourself with a renters insurance plan.

Excited To Select Your New Place In Greenwood?

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