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Beneficial Apartment Maintenance Tips For Greenwood Residents

July 08, 2022
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Getting assistance from an on-site maintenance team is one of the most prevalent yet indispensable amenities you encounter when living in an apartment in Greenwood. However, even with a prompt team of professionals, it can be more timely to do simple chores on your own. There’s even a few steps you can follow to avoid emergency situations. Use these apartment maintenance tips for Greenwood Residents and keep up your apartment to get the most out of your rental experience.

Simple Steps To Avert Plumbing Disasters

Bathroom at Riverview apartments. 

No one wants to deal with a slow draining or clogged pipe. To avert a frustrating inconvenience, keep drains clear. Try not to place coffee grounds, fruit pits, oil, bacon grease, eggshells, or non-food materials into the kitchen drain or garbage disposal. Utilize a hair catcher inside the bathtub or shower drain and always have a toilet plunger in the bathroom. In the event the temperature drops below 20 degrees during the winter months, keep your faucets running at a steady drip to avoid a pipe freezing and bursting.

If you do get a slow or clogged drain, don’t use a corrosive heavy-duty cleaning agent that can damage your plumbing. Instead, dispatch a half-cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by a half-cup of household vinegar. After the bubbling has subsided, clear the residue with plenty of hot water.

Maintain Appliances To Ward Off Problems

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The better you care for your unit’s appliances, the better they will perform. Always run your equipment in a sensible manner and clean them regularly. Scrub food from plates and pans before putting them onto the racks of the dishwasher. Try not to cram items into your freezer, and defrost it from time to time to help it work more efficiently. Wash off your range and any cooking appliances frequently. You will also need to clear the lint trap whenever you use your apartment’s washer and dryer. These easy jobs will prevent waste from impacting the longevity of your appliances.

Keep Creepy Crawlies Away With DIY Pest Precautions

Similar to most people, you like seeing the many different life forms while strolling through your beautiful apartment community, but that doesn’t mean you want any uninvited visitors in your home! Thankfully, you can prevent the abundance of invasions by clearing food crumbs off countertops and floors, taking out the trash frequently, and putting your snacks, baking supplies and other food in air-tight baggies or jars. When you do get an occasional visit from ants or similar insects, many common bug control devices will take care of the situation within a few days.

Be Sure to Properly Ventilate Your Apartment’s Bathroom

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Moisture is a common occurrence within apartment bathrooms. Even spacious Greenwood apartment designs might have compact bathrooms with less than ample ventilation to keep the space dry. This results in lots of moist surfaces.

A couple simple Greenwood apartment maintenance tips should help keep your bathroom mostly moisture free. Make sure you operate the fan every time you shower and swing the bathroom door open after you finish. Keep towels off the floor and launder them routinely. And wipe down your bathroom surfaces as part of your normal routine. When you notice the presence of mildew, take care of it immediately with multi-purpose vinegar, which gets through porous bathroom flooring more successfully than bleach and is non-toxic.

Ask The Professionals For Extra Apartment Maintenance Tips In Greenwood

Whenever you see an employee of your maintenance division, check if they have some additional apartment maintenance tips for Greenwood Residents like you. They are knowledgeable of how to care for your apartment better than any other person! There’s a good chance your professionals might suggest a pointer for fixing a slow drain or propose a good pest deterrent product.

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