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Do You Need A Storage Unit For Your Apartment In Greenwood?

Are you faced with the fact that you have more stuff than floor space in your Greenwood apartment? Perhaps you downsized from a larger home, got a new hobby that requires storage space, or moved in with a roommate.

Regardless of the reason why, it’s hard to enjoy those special family game nights in an overly full apartment. Leasing a storage unit in Greenwood is one solution, or you can consider a different idea, like getting a separate garage at your apartment property to stow your belongings in a convenient location.
Storage space in a master bedroom closet.

Conquer Clutter And Enjoy More Room In Your Greenwood Apartment

Do you ever think about how roomy your apartment seemed when you first called it home? But you quickly filled it with your many furnishing, and immediately the area got tighter. The square footage is still there. You just need to find it from under your abundance of belongings!

The simple technique to uncover more space in your apartment is to designate things by putting them in one of three groups. Sort your stuff as "donate," "keep," or "trash." Toss out any possession that qualifies as trash. Place things you decide to give away in boxes or gift them to someone who can use them. Then put in order any items you are keeping. You will be surprised to discover how much open space you have when it’s free from all the clutter!

Storage space in a master bedroom closet.

Give Everything Its Own Place to Combat Chaos

You will often find that the issue isn’t that you have too much stuff; it’s that your stuff isn’t where it should be. If you have your things sitting about where they don’t belong, you won’t have much available space. The simple act of organizing is critical for a happier home.

Some apartment layouts offer more storage space than other options, but even in cozy confines, there is likely enough room for your belongings if you get creative. Stow things underneath your bed or within other furniture. Think about using vertical storage solutions like unique shelving units or over-the-door systems. Consider using multi-functional furniture like a coffee table with built-in shelving. Finding a location for each object will increase your available room and keep your place nice and tidy.

Outdoor storage in a Greenwood apartment community.

Benefit From Your Apartment Community’s Storage Space

You may discover that no amount of organizing and picking up will remedy your storage space issues. If you have large or valuable items that you would like to hold on to but take up a lot of space in your apartment, you might need to find a different area to place them.

Many Greenwood apartment buildings now provide on-site storage areas to Residents. Regardless of whether that’s a detached garage, storage lockers, or more private enclosed storage units, if your complex offers any of these as an amenity, jump on the opportunity.

While it might cost you an extra monthly fee, this option keeps your belongings close by and secure but no longer taking up your precious space. You may feel this benefit is worth the added expense.

Rent A Greenwood Storage Unit

When other options won’t work, you might have to rent a storage unit in another part of Greenwood. Although this is the most expensive and least convenient solution, storage units have all the room you need to keep anything you can’t fit within your unit.

Storage units are useful for valuables that need a temperature-controlled environment or if you have security concerns. They have a range of sizes, so you can rent whatever unit makes sense for you. An additional bonus: when moving within the same city, you don’t have to move all the stuff in your storage unit!

Find a Home That’s More Than Some Place to Store Your Things in Greenwood

One last solution when the apartment you live in no longer accommodates your daily living demands and your things is moving to a new apartment! The open floor plans and range of amenities at Bayshore Apartments provide you all the room you want to do what you enjoy most at home. Currently living on site but ready for a new floor plan? We’ll help you move within our community or to one of our sister properties. To select the best floor plan for you, touch base with our leasing specialists today by placing a call to 317-886-1849 or clicking the “schedule a tour” feature.

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