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Are You Thinking About Getting Renters Insurance For Your Greenwood Apartment?

It’s true that life is unpredictable, but there are ways to safeguard against unforeseen events. If you think that insurance is only necessary if you own your home, you might need to check out your lease requirements. When you have renters insurance for your Greenwood apartment, you are able to recoup from damages caused by a disaster.

Do a look around of your home. Could you cover the expense to buy new replacements for your furniture and electronics if a disaster occurred? It doesn’t matter the square footage of your place, you probably have accumulated some expenses in belongings that require insurance.

Living room in Greenwood apartment
Model Living Room at Ivy Towns and Flats

What Should I Know About Renters Insurance In Greenwood?

Different from standard home insurance, your renters policy doesn't cover damage to the building's structure. Renters insurance for your Greenwood apartment is used to replace those expensive electronics, jewelry, and other items if your home has been impacted by a theft or fire. Keep in mind that earthquakes and flooding are most often excluded unless amended by your policy, so make sure to read carefully when purchasing a plan. You even have the choice of buying renters insurance for month-to-month rentals.

It’s important to note that insurers provide two kinds of reimbursement: replacement cost and actual cash value. A cash value plan is less expensive as it considers the value of items when you make a claim. If your flatscreen TV is several years old, the payout will factor in depreciation. Then again, replacement cost plans allow you to replace the damaged item with a new one similar to what you had.

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What Amount Of Renters Insurance For My Greenwood Apartment Is Enough?

You might be surprised at how much your belongings are worth after calculating a final total. Create an inventory of your items and decide on a fair appraisal . The resulting sum will give you a better sense of how much coverage you will want.

There’s no cause for concern if your tally seems too large for a monthly premium. Even renters with over $25,000 worth of possessions can get reasonable premiums that will protect your pocketbook. Remember, you're only insuring your possessions, not the entire apartment.

Get Extra Protection from Liability

When a guest is injured in your apartment , a renters insurance policy is there for you. You will typically have $100,000 in liability protection for incidents including property damage and personal injury. Your liability insurance may even apply for injuries suffered away from your apartment. However, your insurance may only submit reimbursement for personal injuries but not legal representation.

Loss of Use Benefits

If a fire, smoke, or some other disaster requires you to vacate the premises, you have to book temporary lodging. Many plans provide reimbursement for hotels and restaurants.

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Choose An Appropriate Deductible

After exploring the primary features of renters insurance, you should decide on the deductible. This is the allocation you must cover out of pocket before the insurer issues payment. A more substantial deductible leads to lower costs per month, while a lower deductible results in increased premium costs.

For instance, let’s say you select a $1,500 deductible . Then, your unit is impacted by a natural disaster occurring $5,000 in damages and liability. Your plan will reimburse $3,500 or whatever amount over your deductible.

Need An Apartment In Greenwood Before Deciding On A Policy? 

Before making a decision on renters insurance, you have to pick the perfect apartment. You have access to smartly designed units with a range of sought-after amenities at Bayshore Apartments. Make an appointment right now and discover a range of options that are suitable for your lifestyle.
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